Sarnia-Lambton Golden K
Serving the Children of the World
In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
1.0 Club Administration Committee Coordination of effective, informative Club meetings. Communication, promotion and participation in interclub meetings. Set-up, reception, attendance record keeping of Club meetings. Coordination of social events for members and significant others. Maintenance of Club policies, procedures and guidelines as well as records and files. Club insurance/risk management & Information Privacy compliance.
1.1 House Committee/Team 1. Management of weekly Club meetings, attendance tracking, refreshment preparation, meeting room setup and take down, 50:50 sales & draw management, 2. Promotion of fellowship building events (e.g. Club breakfasts) 3. Meeting Audio/video resources 4. Piano Accompaniment
1.2 Program Team 1. Collection of topics and speakers for weekly meeting programs 2. Planning and coordination of key note speakers for weekly Club meetings 3. Coordination of speaker introductions & acknowledgements
1.3 Social Team 1. Planning and direction of all Club Social activities and events: a. President’s Picnic - b. Christmas Party - c. Other ?
1.4 Policies, Procedures, Risk & Records Management Team 1. Drafting of Club policies and procedures for Board approval 2. Management of Club files & records management 3. Maintain oversight for Insurance/risk Management & Information Privacy Compliance
2.0 Membership Services Committee • Recruitment and retention of new club members • Management of new member induction process & supporting materials • Support of new member/sponsor engagement process • Delivery of club membership training and education • Management of all supporting materials for club members (e.g. KI registration, pins, name tags, shirts/clothing, biographies, member contact information maintenance) • Conduct periodic membership satisfaction surveys & maintain exit interview process • Oversight to maintain members in good standing • Coordination of special member recognition programs (e.g. Kiwanian of the Year, Century Club, Mel Osborne awards, etc.) • Absent member contact & Bereavement, Serious Illness & Infirmity policy implementation • Provide regular updates to Club membership concerning Membership maintenance & recruitment
2.1 New Member Recruitment Team 1. Development & execution of annual recruitment plans and programs to attract new Club members
2.2 New Member Induction & Engagement Team 1. Development & maintenance of supporting materials for new member induction 2. Planning and execution of induction ceremonies 3. Encouraging new member engagement/participation in Club service activities
2.3 Membership Administration & Support Team 1. Maintain member registration with Kiwanis International 2. Delivery of membership training & education programs 3. Manage associated member materials & supplies (incl. pins, name tags, shirts, etc.) 4. Maintain up to date member & biographical information 5. Management of member recognition & awards (eg. Century Club, Kiwanian of the Year, Mel Osborne fellowships, etc.) 6. Tracking to maintain members in good standing/ member satisfaction through timely payment of dues 7. Assess member satisfaction/ conduct exit interviews
2.4 Member Care & Compassion Team 1. Responsible for execution of Club Policy P-9 Bereavement, Serious Illness & Infirmity 2. Represent Club in providing support to bereaved families of former members
3.0 Finance & Fund-raising Committee • Preparation and oversight of Club Administrative, Service/Charity and C-Gaming budgets • Team selection and oversight of an annual financial review of the Club accounts. • Regular reporting of budget status to the Board & club membership • Periodic overview reporting of ALL Club charitable giving • Maintenance of donation criteria and beneficiaries for club Charity & C-Gaming accounts & GK Legacy Fund • Development and coordination of fund-raising projects & activities in support of Club’s projects • Regular review/revision and development of new Club policies (as required) concerning Club financial management & fund-raising • Oversight and coordination of Club investment strategy & investments
3.1 Club Administration & Charity Budget Team 1. Preparation of Club Administrative & Charity Budgets 2. Regular reporting of budget status
3.2 C-Gaming Team 1. Preparation of Club C-Gaming budget & filing required reports to OLG 2. Participate in charity gaming events as scheduled 3. Coordination & administration of Club donations from C-Gaming accounts NOTE: Volunteers are required to attend a 2 hr. C-gaming training session before being allowed to volunteer at Jackpot City.
3.3 GK Legacy Fund 1. Maintain & grow Legacy Fund 2. Communicate fund status to Club 3. Maintain criteria for identifying fund recipients 4. Oversight of fund performance & maintenance of Terms of Reference
3.4 Fund-raising Team 1. Support club members in developing new fund-raising proposals for Board review/approval 2. Identification & development of new charity fund-raising proposals 3. Coordination & oversight of aligned fund-raising project teams
3.4.1 K-Krew Projects Team Team of members work to conduct maintenance, repair &/or construction projects per requests from the City of Sarnia or other community organizations in return for honorariums
3.4.2 Claxton Christmas Cake Sales Selling of Claxton Christmas Cakes in months of November and December
3.4.3 Clean Harbours HHW Collection Day Marshalling, unloading of vehicles dropping off household hazardous wastes at Clean Harbours site in return for honorarium to the Club
3.5 Financial Review Team 1. Conduct & document findings of annual financial review of Club accounts 2. Report findings to Club Board & Membership
4.0 Communications & Public Relations Committee • Ensuring members are well informed of Club activities, events, meeting content, etc. (e.g. Navigator newsletter, etc.) • Maintenance of Club member and other contacts distribution lists (mailing/electronic) • Establishing and executing pro-active goals and plans targeted at raising the profile and visibility of the Club and its (charity & service) activities within the community • Creation and maintenance of comprehensive media contacts listings • Development of pro-active communications promoting the Club and its programs, services and charitable works • Supporting membership recruitment activities of the New Member Recruitment team • Design, implementation and maintenance of a Club website • Implementation and maintenance of social networking channels for the club
4.1 Club Newsletter & Reporters Team 1. Publish weekly newsletter 2. Proofread draft newsletter 3. Arrange & coordinate weekly reporter schedule for the year 4. Note taking of weekly key note speakers for Newsletter publication
4.2 Club Website Management Team 1. Update the Club website design & content as necessary. 2. Manage website security, access and privacy 3. Maintain the site domain name
4.3 Public Relations Team 1. Raise the profile and visibility of GK within the community 2. Maintain a list of media contacts 3. Maintenance of social networking channels 4. Develop media releases to promote Club acitivities/ achievements
5.0 Projects & Community Services Committee • Development of multiple year, multifaceted goals and plans to support major local projects primarily focussed on children and youth in our community (“Partnering for Children and Youth” “Young Children-Priority One”) • Development of multiple year goals and plans in support of our Kiwanis International projects -- emphasize coordination/cooperation with other area Kiwanis clubs to develop and implement goals and plans • Coordination of Club-sponsored Service Leadership Programs • Coordination of Club-sponsored community service work and projects • Provide regular program and project status updates to the Club membership
5.1 Major Local Project Team 1. Develop plans & budget for major project(s) in local community 2. Provide regular progress reports on status of project(s) to Club
5.2 Service Leadership Programs Team 1. Provide Golden K Club support & advisor resources to Key Club @ Great Lakes Secondary School 2. Budget preparation for all service leadership programs (eg. Key Leader, Key Club, Builders Club, etc.) 3. Provide Golden K Club support & advisor resources to Builders Club @ PE McGibbon 4. Provide Golden K Club support for the formation of new SLP clubs (eg. Builders, K-Kids) at PE McGibbon and Cathcart Public Schools.
5.2.1 AKTION Club Support for Club-sponsored AKTION Club in conjunction with Sarnia-Lambton Community Living
5.2.2 BUILDERS Club at PE McGibbon Placeholder for the establishment of a Club-sponsored Builders Club at PE McGibbon School
5.2.3 KEY Club at Great Lakes Secondary School Placeholder for Key Club for the newly amalgamated Great Lakes Secondary School. The amalgamation of the former St. Clair Key and the SCITS Key Clubs.
5.2.4 TERRIFIC KIDS Program Team @ PE McGibbon Terrific Kids program at PE McGibbon school
5.2.5 TERRIFIC KIDS Program Team @ Cathcart Terrific Kids program support at Cathcart Public School
5.3 Serving Children & Youth Programs Team Umbrella organizational grouping for all children & youth related service teams
5.3.1 McGibbon Breakfast Program Team Serve breakfast to kids at PE McGibbon school on Monday mornings during the school year
5.3.2 Subject Matter Tutoring Math, science, reading tutoring, mentoring and support
5.3.3 Staples School Supplies Program for Kids Team Conduct BBQ fund-raiser for school supplies in front of Staples Store on Labour Day weekend; then distribute school supplies to participating schools in Lambton County
5.3.4 Kids Fun Fest/Sarnia Sting Box Participate in annual Kids Fun Fest. Coordinate and chaperone selected group of children &/or youth in City-owned Community Box at a Sarnia Sting hockey game
5.4 Global Service Project Team (The Eliminate Project) 1. Promote Club support for Eliminate project 2. Monitor & report Division, District & Global status & performance 3. Manage recognition programs for members
5.5 Community Services Projects Team Umbrella organizational grouping for a variety of Club-sponsored community service projects
5.5.1 Kiwanis ONE DAY Project Team Kiwanis designated Saturday in April (or May) to undertake community service work. Typically has involved variety of cleaning, repair, mtce. work in LKCC or park cleanup, etc.
5.5.2 Red Cross Meals on Wheels Project Team Delivery of hot meals on the first Friday of every month and every Thursday from designated local restaurants
5.5.3 Inn of the Good Shepherd Lunch Project Team Team preparation, serving and cleanup of lunch at the Inn of the Good Shepherd. Fifth Tuesday of months with 5 Tuesday's. Two shifts. Lead: Food Preparation: Ana Bje Lead: Food Distribution: Dick Felton Lead: Clean-up Crew: Dave Rodrigues
5.5.4 Salvation Army Christmas Kettles Individual manning Salvation Army donation collection kettles at designated LCBO stores during the month of December prior to Christmas
5.5.5 Jazz & Blues in the Village Security Project Team Security for this event for the Sarnia Organ Donation Association held in McGibbon Park annually in the fall
5.5.6 Bluewater Health Dream Home Security Project Team Greet and help with the visitors to the Bluewater Health's Dream Home and manage on-location lottery ticket sales
5.5.7 Humane Society Tag Day Project Team Arrange for members to man the Society's Tag Day